Trudier Harris’s Prolific
Single-Author Studies

Trudier Harris's books' covers

Trudier Harris is one of the most prolific scholars of African American literature. To highlight her contributions to single-author studies, we identified 75 of her scholarly writings on individual novelists published over the last six decades.

Professor Harris has written articles about at least 30 different African American novelists.

She has published articles on 18 different women authors, and she has published articles on 12 different men writers.

Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, and Alice Walker have been her most frequent feature subjects in her single-author studies

43 of the 75 single-author studies by Professor Harris focus on women authors.

She has published at least four articles on African American novelists in each decade since the 1970s.

The majority of her articles on individual novelists appeared during the 1980s and 2000s.

Although Harris has published several articles on author in scholarly journals and edited collections, the majority of her single-author studies have appeared as chapters in her books.