Black Panther Prints, Reprints, and Variants

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s time writing Black Panther resulted in the production of a large number of comic books.

—Howard Rambsy II

Although Coates wrote 50 issues (main editions), Marvel brought the total to 208 books with the release of additional reprint editions and books with alternative covers known as variants.

There are 50 main covers, 7 reprints, and 151 variants.

Volume 6 included 116 main covers, reprints, and variants, while volume 7 included 92 such issues.

The most issues (64) were released in 2016, a small number (6) appeared in 2020, when the global pandemic placed much of the comic book industry on hold, and 1 issue appeared in 2023, when a new #1 variant was released.

Brian Stelfreeze produced the most covers with 32, while Daniel Acuña drew 18 solo covers and collaborated on 6 additional covers with Paolo Rivera.

Men illustrated 181 of the covers, women illustrated 19, and 8 covers have no credited artist.

The main cover, 2 reprints, and 23 variants for Coates’s debut on the comic book give Black Panther (Vol. 6, No. 1) the most publications for a single issue.

T’Challa/Black Panther appeared on 170 of the 208 covers.

Storm appeared on 27 of the 208 covers.

Dora Milaje appeared on 21 of the 208 covers.

Illustrations of comic book editor and publisher Stan Lee appeared on 2 of the 208 covers.